Sus Finanzas is an innovative non-profit organization that provides free financial literacy courses and personal finance development programs to impoverished minorties in San Joaquin County via a series of interactive educational courses. Our enhanced financial awareness curriculum and follow up program is specifically designed to instill sound financial habits and monitor financial progress via an ongoing innovative impact study.

Many minorities have no voice, no visibility, and limited resources to arm themselves with a financial chance to survive much less thrive monetarily. Far too often, they find themselves in a vicious cycle of paying excessive fees and interest rates to check cash businesses, advance payday lenders and tax refund lenders to name a few. Sus Finanzas was established to address this critical need and to provide minorities' comprehensive financial guidance and accessibility to financial solutions.

To reduce the financial hardship many minorities face, Sus Finanzas is hosting a series ofbork interactive financial literacy courses offered to the public at no cost at various locations such as farmer's migrant areas, downtown churches and other ideal locations convenient for participants.

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