The financial literacy program is divided into three phases. Each phase provides different incentives to each participant and should encourage them to complete the entire program. The multiple benefits each participant receives after completing each phase are:


  • Free financial literacy courses
  • A way out of paying high interest rates and fees that Check Cash Businesses charge
  • Huge Savings from the discontinued use of Check Cash Businesses
  • Safe and secure alternatives to storing cash in your pocket or residence
  • Awareness of free checking and saving accounts, overdraft protection and more benefits
  • Resources to financial counselors
  • Opportunity to gain your own Banking Advocate who will remove any potential fear or concern about visiting a bank


  • Additional free financial literacy courses on different topics
  • A Metricula (ID for Mexican Americans). This will be provided by the Mexican Consulate. After completion of the courses, the mobile Mexican Consulate will arrive at the course location and issue a metricula (as long as you bring your birth certificate & any form of ID from Mexico). For Hispanics that do not have a social security card or drivers license, this form of ID & a completed Tax ID form satisfies the ID verification when opening an account.
  • Representation from a Banking Advocate. Banking Advocates will accompany you during your first visit to the bank to ensure you are protected and to assist you when opening a new checking and/or savings account if you need help.
  • Receipt of $50.00 or $100.00 once you open a free checking account at a bank offering such promotions.


  • Additional free financial literacy courses on different topics
  • The possibility of being eligible for our Monetary Matching Program. After completion of all phases, if you open a savings account and deposit funds into this account, for every dollar you save we will match you the same amount up to a maximum of $250.00. Thereafter, you will have gained the good habit of saving on a regular basis and continue doing so.
  • A list of helpful resources and contact information to other non-profit agencies that provide various financial benefits to those in need