Leandro Vicuña is Founder and CEO of Sus Finanzas, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting financial literacy and financial inclusion. Leandro is also Vice President and Senior Trust Officer at Bank of the West Wealth Management and delivers comprehensive trust & investment services and real estate asset management services. 

Leandro was born into a family who valued philanthropy.  As a lifetime volunteer and former President of Su Salud (a non-profit organization dedicated to educating uninsured minorities about early detection and offering free medical health care screenings), Leandro experienced the value of making a difference.  During Su Salud’s 20 year tenure, Leandro was part of a team of volunteers that helped over 75,000 low-income individuals.  As added inspiration, he witnessed his father (Founder of Su Salud) receive the “1,000 Points of Light Award” from President Bush Sr. in 1991. 

At the early age of five, Leandro and his father also visited underprivileged and minority groups throughout San Joaquin County at labor camps, farms and churches to inspire hope to many low income families that they could receive affordable health care insurance by referring them to different agencies.  In addition, Leandro understood the importance of giving back and volunteered hundreds of hours at St. Mary’s Interfaith Dental Clinic and Dining Hall.   

Due to Leandro’s upbringing, he was truly inspired to apply his financial and legal background to help those that have been ignored.  As a result, he founded Sus Finanzas in February of 2011, to educate low income families about financial inclusion into traditional banking services via financial literacy, to provide free monetary matching programs as an incentive to save money and to empower minorities with financial resources they never had before.

In light of Leandro’s extensive history of community service to San Joaquin County, he was awarded the “John Aguilar Spirit Award for Most Outstanding Business Leader in the Community” in 2013.  In addition, he was honored with “Special Congressional & Senate Recognition for his Commitment to his Community” in 2013.

Prior to returning to Bank of the West Wealth Management, Leandro was CEO of the Downtown Stockton Alliance and Regional Asset Manager at Bank of the West Wealth Management where he was dedicated to managing a robust portfolio. Previously, Leandro was a Trust & Investment Officer at Bank of Stockton Trust Department, President of the Estate Planning Elder Law Clinic at Thomas Cooley Law School and Senior Communications Editor for the Thomas Cooley Law Journal. 

Leandro earned his J.D. from Thomas Cooley Law School and his B.A. in Law & Political Science from the University of California Santa Barbara.  Leandro also earned an advanced certificate in non-profit board training from the University of the Pacific Eberhardt School of Business. 

In addition to being Chairman of Sus Finanzas, he is Vice Chairman of El Concilio Non-Profit Organization and serves on the Board of Directors at Hospice of San Joaquin.  He is also a published writer in the Central Valley Business Journal on estate management and a planning committee leader for the Community Philanthropy Summit.


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