"The knowledge I gained from Sus Finanzas really reversed some of the misconceptions I had about banks"

"I didn't think I was able to put money aside into a savings account. But, after I actually learned what I need to spend versus what I want to spend, I had extra money to save for my future"

"The instructor truly cared about my well being"

"My kids keep asking me to match every dollar they save in their piggy bank now. Apparently, I couldn't stop sharing all of the tips I learned from Sus Finanzas during dinner time"

"Before Sus Finanzas, I didn't think starting my small gardening business was possible. I thought that was only for people who already had a lot of money. Boy, am I glad they taught me how to complete a business plan and help me with the start capital I needed!"

"You know, getting control over your finances is not rocket science, it's about doing common things uncommonly well"

"Where was Sus Finanzas years ago when the recession started? Thank goodness they're here now. Finally, someone is paying attention to us"

"Sus Finanzas is doing what every politician is talking about doing"

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